Prof. Dr. Raphaella Barbosa Meirelles Bartoli

Raphaella Barbosa Meirelles Bartoli

Born in São Jose do Rio Preto - SP, on April 18, 1981, graduated in Veterinary Doctor from the University Center of Rio Preto (UNIRP, 2004). Received FAPESP scholarship for undergraduate research and undergraduate technical training level III with activities performed at the Faculty of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences (UNESP, Jaboticabal Campus, 2005). She started her postgraduate course in March 2006 and obtained the title of Master in Preventive Veterinary Medicine from UNESP? Jaboticabal Campus, February 2008. In March 2008, she entered the doctorate course at the same institution of the master's degree and obtained the title of Doctor of Preventive Veterinary Medicine, in July 2010. She worked at the University Center of Rio Preto between the years from 2007 to 2010 teaching disciplines in the area of ​​Preventive Veterinary Medicine. Currently holds the position of Assistant Professor, Level III, Federal University of Goiás - UFG, Jataí Regional, teaching classes in the course of Veterinary Medicine in the subject of Infectious Diseases of Domestic Animals and Public Health. She's Coordinator of the Animal Health Laboratory and the Human and Animal Anti-Rabies Serological Immunization and Serological Control Center since 2011. Coordinates the Study Group on Veterinary Public Health (GESP). Develops Research and Extension Projects in the area of ​​Infectious Diseases, Zoonoses and Public Health. Responsible professor for the subjects Health Epidemiology, Public Health Policy and Health Surveillance at the Multidisciplinary Health Residency Program - Veterinary Medicine. She is part of the Animal Bioscience Postgraduate Program, guiding in the area of ​​Preventive Veterinary Medicine and responsible for the subject Special Topics in Single Health, and Epidemiological Fundamentals in Veterinary Public Health Applied to the Study of Infectious Diseases. She has held the position of Internship Coordinator of the Veterinary Medicine Course since 2015. (Text informed by the author)