Graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the Federal University of Uberlândia (1999). Specialization in Beef Cattle by the Northern University of Paraná (2008), Master in Veterinary Sciences, Subarea of ​​Biotechnology Applied to Animal Reproduction by the Federal University of Uberlândia (2010), Doctorate in Animal Science, Subarea of ​​Biotechnology and Reproductive Efficiency by the University Federal de Goiás (2013), Postdoctoral degree from Southern Illinois University - SIU (2013-2014), Cabondale, IL, USA, Postdoctoral degree from Ceará State University (2015-2016) and Postdoctoral degree from Uberlandia Federal University (2017-2018). He was Associate Professor Level IA of the Veterinary Medicine and Agronomy courses at the Presidente Antônio Carlos University - UNIPAC (2007-2013) teaching the disciplines of Animal Reproduction Pathophysiology, Animal Reproductive Biotechnology, Beef Cattle, Beef Cattle, Agrostology and Forage. He has professional experience with ultrasound, andrology, transvaginal follicular aspiration, embryo transfer and freezing, in vitro embryo production and hormone therapy. Experience in animal reproduction with research lines developed in the following subjects: follicular fluid (horses and cattle), ovarian biopsy (horses, cattle and goats), ovarian tissue transplantation (horses, goats and murines), in vitro culture of pre-follicles. (2D and 3D) and evaluation of sperm chromatin (cattle). Currently holds the position of Visiting Professor at the Federal University of Goiás - Jataí Regional, with the Animal Bioscience Postgraduate Program. (Text informed by the author)